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Fire Warden & Marshal Services include:

Fire Marshals

Fire Warden

Fire Safety Audits

First Aid  Response

Security Personnel

Concierge & Receptionists

CCTV & Remote Monitoring

Key Holding & Mobile Response

Investigation & Consultancy Services

Surveillance Services

Security Audits

PTS Security Guards

Commercial Security Guards

Alarm Response

Mobile Patrol

Risk Assessments

Retail Trained Uniformed Officers

In-store Detectives

Physical Security Checks

Loss Prevention

Retail Audits

Mystery Shopping

Display and Stock Checks

Civil Recovery Management

Fire Marshal & Warden

management & Training

Oltec Group is a leading security provider of Fire Marshals & Wardens across the UK

We are a family business and we have won work due to our excellent reputation. We have long term relationship with our clients which mean that we have repeat business and maintenance contracts providing peace of mind to our Clients.

We have a strong management team and all of our Fire Marshals benefit from our on-going training at our HQ in-house training academy

Oltec Group is an approved Contractor of the SIA and over the years, we have won numerous awards in our sector.

The role of a Fire Marshal and why hiring our services?

One of the main functions a Fire Marshal has is to protect people and maintain safety.

The watchful presence of a Fire Marshal is to detect the risk of fire, ensure its prevention and coordinate evacuation procedures.

People are often grateful for the presence of a Fire Marshall and helping them feel comfortable and safe can be rewarding.

As Fire Marshals perform their job, they often patrol the interior and exterior of the premises where they work. They monitor the windows, doors, and gates to make sure they are locked properly. If an alarm sounds or there is a disturbance, the Fire Marshal is the first one on the scene and is often the one making the call to police, fire or ambulance services. 

A central part of the fire marshal’s role is to perform a fire risk management assessment. This ensures that your building complies with the Fire Precautions Act 1971 and subsequent fire safety legislation. From this initial assessment, they will be able to determine the steps you need to take to minimise the risk of fire in the workplace.

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