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Oltec Group is a provider of Facilities Management to the Industrial & Manufacturing Sector. We operate across the Northwest, Yorkshire and Midlands. We believe in excellence in customer service, the whole customer experience; the quality of Service, the people we employ, the resources behind the scenes that make us a trusted, innovative partner.


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Oltec Group has a wealth of experience when it comes to industrial & factory cleaning.

At Oltec Group, we provide specialist cleaning services to a range of industrial and factory environments.

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment throughout your facility helps to both protect equipment from debris and contamination, and staff from hazardous environments.

Our expertise in this field ensures individual specifications are met by our team of dedicated, experienced, and reliable cleaning staff.


Our main services are:

  • Bin Store Cleaning

  • Deep Cleaning

  • Factory Floor Cleans – Internal Walls, Ceilings, Lights & Ducting

  • Exterior Cladding of Buildings

  • Manufacturing Facilities, Warehouse & Process Cleaning Including: Floor Prep & Pressure Washing

  • Removing Dust Build-Up or Fat & Grease Residues

  • Factory Cleaning

  • Waste Management

  • Window Cleaning

  • General Cleaning

  • Graffiti & Chewing Gum Removal

  • High Level Cleaning

  • Jet Washing

  • Litter Picking of External Areas, Service Yards

  • Machinery & Equipment Cleaning

  • Pest Control

  • Staff Areas – Reception, Offices, Customer Liaison Areas, Driver Restroom Areas


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