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OLTEC Group are a National Security Guard, Cleaning and Building Maintenance Service provider providing for the private and public sectors in UK
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Professional and Successful Mobile Patrol Solutions.

Oltec Group is a nationwide supplier providing moble patrol services in the UK.

Mobile patrols provide an option to increase security on your site, offering immediate patrols at irregular intervals to disrupt any regular pattern from forming, decreasing any potential for security threats, and deterring any organized security violation.

Our mobile security patrols are ideal for locations that necessitate thorough monitoring at various intervals during normal hours or during restricted hours.

Mobile security is recommended for large sites requiring constant and comprehensive perimeter checking or if you have businesses over a large territory.


Your premises are protected by a highly-trained security system, which can make decisions to guard your assets during any hours and limit access to unauthorized individuals

All our mobile patrols are experienced in managing different situations, ensuring your property is in safe hands.

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Benefits of Mobile Patrol Services

One of the greatest benefits of hiring mobile patrol is fast reporting and response when criminal activity is detected.

Another benefit is that our mobile patrols can give you the best service such as :

  • keeping your business secure,

  • Checking property security to ensure there are no threats.

  • improve your company's quality of life.

  • Offers flexibility and changeability

Our mobile patrol team are professionals who know how to react in an emergency therefore they will reduce dangers in the workplace.

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