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Oltec Group - New Uniforms branding at Affinity Staffordshire

As part of our mobilisation process on our new prestigious contract starting next week, today was a big day !

The whole team has been issued with their brand new uniform and they look all absolutely fabulous, representing our Client, Affinity Outlet Shopping in Staffordshire

5 Reasons Why Wearing A Proper Uniform Is Important

1.- Industry demands: There are certain service industries which are focused on the customer, like the department store, restaurants or hospitals. These industries demand that the workforce look more united and eager to serve the customer, so the role of the uniform becomes very important. When the workforce is wearing a pleasant uniform the customers approach them more confidently.

2.- Uniform as perks: In some large organizations, it is considered as an honor and a kind of perk to receive uniform. This results in considerable conservation of time and energy of the personnel, as he doesn’t have to choose again and again the clothes to be worn at the workplace. Also a lot of money is saved since rarely will that personnel will be buying new clothes.

3.- A sense of belonging: If the work force wears the same clothes to the workplace then they share a feeling of commonness and belonging, which otherwise gets very difficult to achieve.

4.- A feeling of equality: Uniform brings everyone to the same platform, no matter how rich or poor he or she is and thus inculcating a feeling of equality amongst those wearing the uniform.

5.- Mutual growth: People wearing uniform are more caring for their fellows and colleagues, they care not only for their growth but the growth of their peers as well. Uniforms are very important and fosters traits which are very necessary for a person as an individual and an organization as a whole to thrive and prosper.

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