Oltec Group provides Security Services 

Approved by the SIA (Security Industry Regulator), unlike many of our competitors, we provide professionally trained, high quality security guards. 

Similarly, in order to provide a premium service, we endeavour to pay our staff more than the industry standard.

In short we aim to work with clients who command a premium service, and expect a security provider who does not cut corners in order to lower costs. To achieve this, we employ more management per officer than any other company.


At Oltec Group, our goal is to provide a superior and bespoke service at a competitive price.

Professional, reliable, Security Staff
Responding 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Top quality customer service

Security Guards




Mobile Patrol

Alarm Response

Lone Worker 

Control Room

SIA Training Course

Risk Assessement

We understand the importance you place on the security of your staff and your asset.


At Oltec Group, our mission is to provide a superior customer-oriented service, securing our Clients premises such that Staff can work in the knowledge that they are safe to do so in a secure environment.

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