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Facilities Management Services

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Facilities Management

Oltec Group is one of the top providers in Facilities Management across the UK.

Through our multidisciplinary techniques, we aim to make certain that the environment’s comfort, safety, and function are optimized by integrating people, places, processes, and technologies.


Our exceptional hard FM services guarantee optimal performance and comfort for your building’s employees and visitors. We ensure that your building runs at its best while always prioritizing the needs of those inside.

Our M&E engineers possess the expertise and skills required to evaluate and assess heating, lighting, ventilation, and alarms. This guarantees that the building meets the highest standards of health, safety, and welfare, giving you peace of mind.

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Hard Facilities Management

At Oltec Group, we tailor our soft FM service delivery to provide safe, secure, clean and hospitality focussed environments for all our clients. We self-deliver all soft FM services, from mailroom management to cleaning, security, and reception.

We design solutions based on customer specifications, both for employees and clients. Our team members receive comprehensive training to ensure they understand your company culture and can seamlessly integrate into your team.

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Soft Facilities Management


Expert Facilities Management Services

We focus on ensuring our customers can perform at their best by handling the essentials. We take the time to truly understand your business, enabling us to craft tailored solutions that perfectly fit your unique needs. We cover all aspects of building and property management, including both interior and exterior services. With our complete range of services designed to support your company’s seamless functioning, we become your single point of contact for all your facility needs.


Aims & Objectives

Our facility management service aims are to :

  • Improving operational productivity

  • Assisting the efficiency and quality of facilities and staff

  • Managing risks to facilities and staff

  • Reducing environmental impact

  • Promoting sustainable tactics for long-term cost management

  • Leveraging technological solutions

  • Reducing or overcoming effects of natural disasters

  • Guaranteeing compliance

  • Leveraging security

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