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Oltec Group is a provider of Pest Control Services. We operate across the Northwest, Yorkshire and Midlands. We believe in excellence in customer service, the whole customer experience, the  sites are pest free , the resources behind the scenes that make us a trusted, innovative partner.

Oltec FM Pest Control services

As a leading facility management provider with years of experience we know that unexpected problems can occur. We pride ourselves on being able to deal with all eventualities – including pest control.


Since 2000, the Oltec fm Pest Control division has been tackling all types of pest problems effectively, professionally and discreetly. All of our work is carried out under the guidelines of the British Pest Control Association and regulated by our ISO 9001 quality system.


We work closely with a wide range of clients from domestic households to commercial and industrial businesses to achieve the pest free results you need in a timely and discreet manner.

Expert pest extermination

As with all of our facilities management services, we provide highly trained and experienced staff who use the latest pest control methods to address your issue head on. We ensure we offer high quality services using the best pest extermination techniques possible to ensure a quick and thorough result. Our areas of expertise include conventional pest extermination treatments for vermin, wasps, ants and bed bugs; as well as fleas and termite pest control. We also specialise in room fumigation for all types of pests including mice, rats, beetles, crawling insects, wasps’ nests, squirrels, pigeon, and birds.


As we all appreciate, pest prevention is better than extermination, so we are able to regularly inspect and monitor any areas that may be at risk of attracting pests. The sooner an issue can be dealt with the better.


Bespoke pest control services

Oltec FM has established an excellent reputation for providing professional and comprehensive pest control services. We offer tailor made pest control solutions to meet the needs of domestic, business, commercial and industrial clients, across the UK.


Our Annual Maintenance Program provides a unique service tailor made to your needs. Comprehensive documentation and a full service schedule enable us to closely monitor all areas and address any pest related issues in the first possible instance.

Checkmate barcode system

To ensure our services are easy to monitor we provide a checkmate barcode system within our annual maintenance program that can be used by all clients to validate all areas of our activity time. The system allows our clients to keep track of the dates and the activity undertaken for each inspection, monitoring key information including service records, site plans and COSHH details.


Our check mate system allows us to be aware of what has been checked from our central headquarters in Wigan, Greater Manchester. This overview of activity allows all parties to monitor all areas of the pest extermination process.


Quality pest exterminator

Providing high quality pest control and pest extermination services for all of our clients is our top priority. We understand that a visit from a pest exterminator isn’t an ideal situation but at Oltec fm we deal with it discreetly and quickly to ensure minimum disruption to your business with maximum pest free results.


At Oltec fm we have several quality systems in place which are industry specific, and we work with our clients to ensure we go above and beyond the standards required.

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