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Oltec Group is a provider of Facilities Management to the Education Sector. We operate across the Northwest, Yorkshire and Midlands. We believe in excellence in customer service in Schools, Colleges and Universities, the whole engagement experience with Students ; the quality of Service, the people we employ, the resources behind the scenes that make us a trusted, innovative partner.


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Educational Engagement Services

The security of schools and universities has become a growing concern due to recent changes in our society including terrorist attacks, gun crime, vandalism, arson, child exploitation and other issues prevalent in our society that put the safety of children, teachers, staff and parents at risk.

In some schools, colleges or other educational institutions intruders can wander in and out of the premises as they please, as the access to buildings is not seriously taken into consideration within many risk assessments. Basic measures like surveillance, perimeter and access security are an absolute necessity. Students and teachers have the right to feel safe and secure with the peace of mind that should a situation arise they have the right security measures and procedures in place to keep themselves and those around them safe. Parents too should feel reassured with the knowledge that when their child attends school, they will be safe in the care of the teachers and the security of the building.


Aims & Objectives

  • Having an efficient cleaning programme in schools & universities has countless benefits:

  • Attendance levels will improve due to better hygiene practices

  • A clean environment will promote and support learning and teaching

  • Academic results will improve thanks to higher attendance rates

  • A clean environment will lead to happier staff and students.

  • An effective cleaning programme that is delivered by highly qualified and DBS enhanced checked cleaners can dramatically improve hand hygiene, reduce the spread of infection and control cross contamination. This is because highly trained cleaners can clean areas in the correct way to reduce the build-up of bacteria and germs, allowing your staff to focus on taking care of the students. Professional cleaners are also trained to clean all types of environments, from bathrooms to kitchens via classrooms and computer rooms. They will use appropriate, up-to-date methods for each area to ensure the highest standards of hygiene are met. This means that the cleaning process will be streamlined and more efficient throughout the school.

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