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Facilities Management London


Facilities Management In London

As a business owner or landlord you will be well aware of how much work is involved in looking after not only the building you are housed in, but also everything else that keeps it running on a day to day basis. By taking advantage of our facilities management services in London you can leave all the stress and worry to us. When you use our bespoke facilities management services we will take care of routine essential services like ongoing maintenance and health and safety inspections. We can also help coordinate people related services such as security, catering, IT support and grounds maintenance. Our professional team currently helps look after more than 5 million sq feet of real estate for clients in:

  • Retail

  • Manufacturing

  • Hospitality

  • Healthcare

  • Education

  • Logistics and Transport

  • Public Sector

  • Offices and Administration

When you employ the services of our team you will have one point of contact for all your vital services that will make managing your day to day tasks significantly easier. Our specialism is  the integration of people services with all aspects of building maintenance that is often  challenging and time consuming for an organisation. The aim of this is to take away the worry of day to day tasks for clients, allowing them to make more effective use of their time. This in turn will lead to increased productivity while ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation.


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Our hard facilities management services focus on the requirements of the physical infrastructure, guaranteeing a safe environment for employees, visitors, and consumers. We boast a team of highly knowledgable tradespeople capable of providing a wide array of services, including:

• Gas Services
• Plumbing and Heating,
• Lighting, Electrical and Mechanical,
• Fire Safety Systems
• All Building Maintenance Work.

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Hard Facilities Management

Soft facilities management primarily revolves around the human aspects of the organisation, aiming to create a secure and pleasant working atmosphere. We have the capability to offer personnel and systems to address the following services, tailored to the specific requirements of each client:

• Security,
• Cleaning and Environmental,
• Reception and Front of House,
• Catering,
• Grounds Maintenance,
• Office Services
• Workspace Management.
• Pest Control
• IT Services

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Soft Facilities Management


There are two specific areas of our service, which are hard and soft facilities management services.

To get all the details on how our facilities management services in London can assist with the smooth and efficient running of your business contact our team today.


Planned Preventative Maintenance in London

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) is a proactive approach to managing and maintaining the building itself and equipment within it. It involves systematically scheduling inspections, repairs, and maintenance tasks to prevent potential breakdowns and extend the lifespan of machinery, buildings, or infrastructure.

  • The planned preventative maintenance service in London we deliver consists of a structured routine of checks and services, often based on manufacturers’ recommendations and industry best practices. By adhering to a pre-established maintenance schedule, organisations can minimise unplanned downtime, reduce operational disruptions, and control maintenance costs. This approach also enhances safety, ensures regulatory compliance, and ultimately boosts productivity. PPM promotes reliability by ensuring all equipment operates efficiently. By investing in a programme of planned preventative maintenance you can make your business a more comfortable and cost effective concern. 


    Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) is an asset when it comes to managing your budget.  By proactively scheduling maintenance tasks and inspections, you will be in a better position to manage your finances. This is because it helps remove the need for costly emergency repairs and unexpected downtime, which can strain budgets and disrupt operations. Secondly, PPM helps our clients more accurately forecast costs, as maintenance expenses are planned and predictable. It also extends the lifespan of equipment and components, reducing the need for frequent replacements. 


    Moreover, PPM helps ensure you are always compliant with current regulations, avoiding fines and penalties that could strain finances. Overall, PPM minimises the reliance on reactive maintenance which often attracts premium charges, fostering fiscal stability and efficient resource allocation.


Building Maintenance London

Here at Oltec, our team consists of a diverse group of building maintenance experts with specialist skills. Our team includes electricians, plumbers, plasterers, decorators, joiners, and HVAC and fire safety technicians. This allows us to cover the whole spectrum of building maintenance services in London. Every team member has undergone rigorous training to ensure their knowledge aligns with current regulations. By assembling such a well-rounded team of specialists, we can effectively deal with the particular needs of every one of our clients. This ensures that all our work is carried out to the highest standards and complies with applicable health and safety regulations, guaranteeing the utmost quality and safety in every project we undertake.

Our array of reactive maintenance solutions extends beyond basic repairs, we also give clients access to associated services like cleaning, security, project management, and IT support. Our skilled team recognises that client requirements can differ significantly, influenced by factors like a building’s size, type, and age. All these factors will be considered when designing a building maintenance plan for our clients.

The ability of our team to deliver both planned and reactive maintenance solutions means we have all your bases covered when you use our building maintenance services in London. Here at Oltec we consider effective communication to be a vital part of any working relationship. This is why we work closely with every one of our clients to ensure the solutions we provide are exactly what they need. To find out more about our building maintenance solutions in London contact our team today.

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