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Logistics & Distribution

Oltec Group is a leading provider of facilities management services to the logistic and distribution sector. We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, including cleaning, security, maintenance, project management, and consulting. 


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Oltec Group provides a wide range of facilities management services to the logistics industry, including cleaning, security, maintenance, and more.


We understand that the logistics industry is fast-paced and demanding, so we work hard to provide our clients with the services they need to keep their operations running smoothly.

Our team of experienced and qualified professionals is committed to providing high-quality services that exceed our clients’ expectations.


Some of the services we offer include:

  • Warehouse cleaning and hygiene services to keep your facilities clean and sanitary.

  • Manned guarding, CCTV, and mobile patrol to provide a safe and secure environment for your employees and customers.

  • Washroom management for warehouses to ensure that your washrooms are clean and well-stocked.

  • Building fabric repairs and inspections to keep your facilities in good condition.

  • Mechanical & electrical services to maintain your equipment and systems.

  • Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) to help prevent breakdowns and costly repairs.

  • Caretaker and janitorial staffing to provide you with the support you need to keep your facilities clean and well-maintained.

  • Warehouse grounds maintenance & landscaping to keep your grounds looking their best.

  • Window cleaning to keep your windows clean and clear.

  • Pressure washing and external cleaning to remove dirt, grime, and graffiti from your exterior surfaces.

  • Lift maintenance and servicing to keep your lifts running smoothly.

  • Roller shutters & access control to provide you with secure access to your facilities.

  • Gritting & snow clearance to keep your facilities safe and accessible during winter.

  • We are committed to helping our clients achieve their business goals. We believe that by providing excellent customer service, high-quality services, and innovative solutions, we can help you to improve your bottom line and create a more efficient and productive workplace.


Our Range Of Logistics & Distribution Facility Management Services Extends Nationwide