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Commercial Boiler Maintenance Installation


Boiler Maintenance Services

Oltec Group is a provider of boiler maintenance Services. We operate across the Northwest, Yorkshire and Midlands. We believe in excellence in customer service, the whole customer experience, the sites we maintain, the resources behind the scenes that make us a trusted, innovative partner.

Whatever external space you have, no matter how big or how small, our experienced plumbing team can provide a full range of boiler and gas services to match your requirements. We have extensive expertise in working with public and private sector customers across the UK to ensure their facilities are presented and maintained in the best possible way.

Our highly-trained boiler contractors will undertake a detailed assessment of your premises and discuss your requirements in detail, providing you with whatever guidance and assistance you need, to make sure that you receive exactly the service you want. From planning and installation, through to regular bolier maintenance routine  for your offices.

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Commercial Boiler 

Range Of Services

As a full service facilities management provider our boiler services include simple inspection and report through to all  gas and boiler repairs,  breakdown, heating system maintenance, replacement parts, and much more.

We are fully equipped to deal with a range of boilers to ensure that they are properly maintained and fulfil their role for visitors and customers. Our work also helps landowners fulfil their health and safety requirements and carry out their duty of care to the public by ensuring the safety of residential, educational, hospital, retail and hotel.

Our full service solutions extend to complete commercial boiler installations, commercial gas maintenance and commercial  heating maintenance. We have the knowledge and expertise to carry out summer and winter services ensuring your property is well maintained all year round because it is a legal obligation to have a boiler and gas meet the right safety requirements


Consistent Services

Our commercial boiler team provides bespoke, fit for purpose solutions. As a nationwide facilities management provider we are able to absorb a single site, or thousands of sites, all over the country, delivering a consistent service across all of your locations.

We pride ourselves on the fast, reliable and well-planned service we provide to all our customers across the UK. Our team managers are always on hand to ensure that your needs are dealt with swiftly and efficiently.