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Fire Stopping Services


Fire Stopping

Oltec Group offers fire stopping solutions nationwide. Our team of specialists have a proven track record, providing top-quality fire stop installations and maintenance for diverse clients like major contractors, public authorities, police forces, Network Rail, and property owners.

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From Planning to Swift Completion


To ensure a smooth fire stopping project, we collaboratively establish the scope of work and deliverables. This includes obtaining the client's complete fire strategy for the building and agreeing on deadlines and timetables, factoring in any necessary out-of-hours work.


Our IFC-accredited and insured in-house fires topping team coordinates and delivers all agreed-upon fire stopping works within the project scope.


Our comprehensive fire stopping audit meticulously examines the scope of works, and we deliver a detailed report with our findings. Additionally, Adaston can advise on necessary next steps and offer ongoing support for your fire safety needs.


Expert Fire Stopping Services

Our fire stopping specialists hold independent accreditation from the International Fire Consultants.  This ensures we meet the industry's highest standards. We prioritize quality and professionalism, striving for exceptional service on every project.

From large-scale construction to smaller repairs, our experience and expertise guarantee top-notch fire stopping installations.  Safety and compliance are paramount, and our rigorous quality checks ensure every installation meets all technical requirements.  Get a free, no-obligation fire stopping audit using the form below.

Certified Team  

Fire stopping products

Oltec Group provides a complete suite of fire stopping solutions, keeping building compartments secure against fire threats.

Our fire stopping products include:

  • Fire dampers

  • Fire collars

  • Fire sleeves

  • Intumescent pipe collars and wraps

  • Intumescent mastic

  • Fire boarding

  • Ablative coated fire batt

  • Fire barriers/curtains

  • Riser compartmentation 

  • Intumescent acoustic putty pads

  • Fire, smoke, air and acoustic sealing 

  • Linear gap sealing Load bearing compounds